Gary Trautloff Recommends Delicious Food To Yum This Summer

Feeling summer is irritating you? Don’t worry, Gary Trautloff comes with some warm-weather treats to give you the endless delight with some mouth watering and healthy summer food ideas.

1. Corn :

The one of the simplest food to cook which helps in gaining lutein and zeaxanthin (Antioxidant which acts like natural sunglasses) while having fresh sweet corn.


2. Watermelon

To keep yourself hydrated and in stability to act wisely in this hot summers watermelon is a juicy food to consider in your food chart. It protect skin with the organic lycopene and fulfill water percentage in your body with fewer sweet calories.


3. Blueberries

According to a research in New Zealand, blueberries has antioxidants in them which helps beat off muscle  weakness by mopping up free radical during that our muscles produce while we exercise.


4. Ice Cream

What? This is what you really love in summers? So, you are making yourself more healthier by consuming the scoops of this delicious food. Researches says that an ounce of a chocolate ice helps reduce in lower heart attack risks. It strengthens bones as well as De-stress your body and make you feel delighted & relaxed.



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