The Power of a Thought

Gary trautloff says about The power of thought.He says about positive attitude. There is something, right now in your mind that is stopping you from being the person you want to be, from having the things you want to have, or maybe from attaining a goal. Something that is holding you back from having success you desire.

You are not alone you know. Everybody has something going on in their mind stopping them in their tracks from maybe even attempting something, or saying something, or doing something.

And that is why your MIND is much stronger than you realize. It’s so much more important than you understand, because everything, absolutely EVERYTHING can be starts with a thought.

If you think it’s going to be a rotten day, then it will definitely be a rotten day until YOU decide otherwise.

You didn’t wake up in the morning and it was automatically a rotten day, you may have had a bad night’s sleep, tossed and turned and woke up thinking about how bad your sleep was, then next minute you have decided it’s going to be a rotten day.

Nothing just happens, thought always comes first. It’s impossible for any action to be performed otherwise consciously or unconsciously.

So back to what I first wrote… there is something in your mind right now stopping you from being the person you want to be… whatever it is I can tell you right now it is something negative that brings about a negative emotion in you. It could be fear, shame, embarrassment, feelings of being unworthy and a lot more, or all of the above. These things are all emotion based that start with a thought.

Your mind is a very powerful thing, if you think it, and are passionate enough about it, it will come about in one way, shape or form – the positive and the negative.According to Gary Trautloff  Whichever is the stronger emotion that will always win out, if you say positive things but you are constantly thinking about fear and stress and worry, the negative will win out. It’s not about your WORDS; it’s about your thoughts. It’s always about your THOUGHTS.

Move the emotional blockages and the things you have been wanting will come. Change you thinking patterns to better feeling thoughts and good things will happen. It all about getting Emotional Freedom to gain the life you have always wanted.

Move those negative thoughts and you will find that your health will improve, your life will improve and your outlook on your future will improve.


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